Success Stories



At CrossFit Kokua, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Geneva. We hope you’ll be our next success story.




I started at Coach Joe’s other facility CrossFit Iron Flag in September 2014. To say that it’s changed my life would be an understatement! I’ve always had a very sedentary lifestyle. I’d find a workout I like, do it for a few months and then quit. My weight continued to climb and after the birth of my third child, I knew I needed a change. It wasn’t only about what I looked like on the outside, but how I felt on the inside…tired, rundown and lazy.

I’d heard about CrossFit and, to be honest, was a naysayer. I thought it was for true fitness buffs and those looking for more competitive weightlifting. I figured I’d go once or twice and not be able to handle the intensity. In actuality, it was love at first sight. Almost immediately, I was addicted – to exercise – something that never happened to me in my life! Joe is extremely attentive, always keeping a watchful eye on form and safety – yet are the first to push you outside your comfort zone, encouraging you every step of the way! CrossFit Iron Flag is the whole package – a first-class yet intimate facility; the perfect mix and wide-variety of weight training and cardio; extremely well-versed and knowledgeable coaches and a “team” feel which makes every day different and fun.

Since I started CrossFit, I dropped 26 pounds, 2 BMI points and more than 11% body fat. While I’ve shed these pounds before, my body has never had the muscle tone that it does now. Although my journey has only just begun, I feel healthy, strong and fit and have Coach Joe to thank!

*Results will vary for each individual based on goals and effort.




Look familiar? The post-baby mom bod. After my second baby, I lost my confidence. I hated seeing myself in pictures and seeing myself naked was even worse. CrossFit was the “trendy” workout everyone was talking about so I did some research. Intimidation and fear struck. But every time I asked someone who was doing CrossFit what they thought, I got the same response: “I love it.”

I went to Coach Joe for a free trial on a Saturday morning. It was awful – the workout was in a different language, I hardly knew any of the movements and I couldn’t even finish my first WOD – whatever that meant. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! He is awesome, supportive and help you the whole way. The workouts are hard but fun. You feel great afterward and the community and coaches keep you coming back for more.

Three days a week turned into five. I’ve gone from pull-ups with multiple bands to doing 5 strict ones in a row. From getting stuck upside down on the GHD machine (true story) to multiple sets with a 25# plate. From a 105-pound deadlift to 205. More importantly, I feel strong, I feel confident. And I’m showing my two beautiful girls that chicks can lift heavy weight, climb ropes, do “real” push ups and still wear dresses with pink nail polish. Next up, mastering the kipping pull up and double-unders. Coach Joe will make sure I do!

Joe is right there ready to pull you up after you get stuck on the GHD machine, push you to get your first pull-up or high-five you after all the small and big accomplishments that happen along the way.

*Results will vary for each individual based on goals and effort.